Master - MBA - MA

* Global Supply Chain and Logistics

* Sustainable Business Operations

* Strategic Quality and Project Management

* Improving Supply Chain and Logistics Operations


Final Year

* Issues in Global Business and Strategic Concepts

* Delivering Winning Projects 


Second Year


First Year

* Managing Performance in Operations

* Introduction to Operations Management & IT


Year Zero



I am currently tutor of the following modules:

Past Modules


Final Year

* The Management of Lean and Agile Organisations

* Advanced Operations Management

* Industrial Engineering

* Ethics, Environment and Innovation

* BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering Final Project

* BEng(Hons) Manufacturing and Production Engineering Final Year Project


Second Year

* Operations Management


First Year

* Quality, Reliability and Work Environment

* Quality and Reliability

* Quality Assurance

* Analytical Methods for Motorsport Engineering

* Scientific Methods for Motorsport Engineering

* Managing Performance in Operations


Year Zero

* Mathematics for Study in Technology


Short Courses

* Engineering and Society